Sectors we work in

Government and Education

We work with some of the world's largest government and academic institutions. Our emphasis is on service quality, expenditure control and value for money. Fragmented organisations often have challenges in controlling their spend on subscriptions and publications, and ensuring compliance with procurement processes.

Prenax builds a map of your organisation - from departments down to individual cost centres - enabling full visibility and control. Our system helps to manage cross-departmental, functional or faculty spend efficiently.

Prenax works on your behalf with publishers worldwide to acquire professional journals, books, research reports, magazines, newspapers and other published materials. We ensure you are getting the best price available while providing superb customer service for your internal customers. We manage the unique aspects of subscriptions for you: address and access information, calendar terms and usage rights, thereby:

•            Avoiding early renewals – improving cash flow

•            Sharing group assets – avoiding duplicate subscriptions

•            Consolidating invoicing – reducing multiple transactions

•            Generating reports to improve budgeting and compliance

Our Web-based services support your personnel's information needs while providing improved management controls. They acn be tailored to fit your organisation.