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Prenax has been in this business since 1993. We have seen best (and worst!) practice in a wide variety of industries and we believe we’re now pretty good at what we do. We bring that knowledge to bear with your organisation through our consulting services.

Publications and subscriptions management is rarely at the top of any organisation’s agenda, but it is a category that does consume a lot of time and money that can be saved.

Our consulting process starts with a full audit. The rest of the programme is tailored to the customer’s desired outcomes. For example:

Cost control

  • How can my organisation pay less for the information we need without impacting on the content?
  • We have users all over the place – different subsidiaries and different countries. How do I bring all of these groups together and buy in bulk? How do I then allocate costs accordingly?
  • How do I prevent people buying products and putting them through on T&E expenses?
  • We have so many duplications and non-core material coming in to our offices. How do I stop this?
  • There’s so much paper! Can’t we convert it all?
  • Are we buying what we need?

Process efficiency

  • I have two people managing the administration of 500 subscriptions when I want them bringing their talents to research. Can I get someone else to do this?
  • We get hundreds if not thousands of invoices every year in different currencies. How do I know what these relate to? Are they correct?
  • It costs my AP department thousands to process all these orders and invoices. I want one consolidated invoice. That’s it.
  • I want to push all of this out to the end-users' desktop. How do I achieve this without losing control?


  • We’ve spent a lot of money on a new P2P eProcurement system. I want a quick win with a noisy category. How do I get pubs and subs purchased through it?
  • I have a warning letter form a publisher on my desk. Apparently we’ve been sharing usernames and passwords! How do I ensure compliance in the future?
  • Our users are out with clients and travel to our offices worldwide. Can they get access to all of their content with one click of a mouse?

Our people are at the heart of what we do